an individual's attorney serves as their legal counsel
- not their counselor.

Attorneys need to focus on the legal elements of a case but, too often, clients turn meetings into therapy sessions, spending time emoting, blaming, or drowning in guilt, leaving little room to discuss the case. Or controlling personality traits can add stress and conflict to a case. Clients need to collaborate with their attorneys and process emotions with a therapist or coach.

Individuals navigating the legal system may already be grappling with anger, profound hurt, and high-stress levels. Often, their involvement is the most difficult time of their lives, even if they ‘win.’

When mental illness and or maladaptive personality traits come into play, managing your client’s mental and emotional health can consume more time than the case itself.

With a bit of education and coaching, you can:

All information is kept confidential.

In my 40-year career as a marriage, child, and family therapist, I worked with many clients and their attorneys in criminal and family court. In addition, I provided certified continuing education and training for attorneys and law enforcement. In 2018, I moved to Italy, where I bought a small olive farm, and now provide online coaching in the US.


I provide one-on-one video chats or calls to address your specific client issues and challenges. There is no contract. It is possible to have a single meeting or schedule ongoing meetings as needed.

Video Chats or Phone calls.
$95 per hour. Typically 60 to 90 minutes.

* Contact me to discuss pricing for newly licensed attorneys.

Please feel free to contact me for my Curriculum Vitae (CV) and if you want to chat for a few minutes or chat via email before deciding what’s best for you.

Thank you.

Kathy J. Ellis
Make Life Work